How to choose hotel lock system?

Smart door locks, as a kind of high-tech product, has become the leading products in the field of hotel door lock.  But how to choose a hotel lock is a big problem to the user.

Under normal circumstances, the hotel hope that the service life of hotel door locks at least more than 5 years, so many factors must be considered when choosing a hotel door locks, such as product brand, quality, price, service, etc., so as not to bring all kinds of losses. Throughout the hotel door lock market, Newgy hotel door lock in brand, quality, price, or service, are walking in the forefront of the industry.

In electronic control, Newgy hotel door lock control circuit board adopts automatic SMT technology (SMT), high temperature aging, online testing, vibration aging, invade moistureproof paint production process, so as to completely eliminate the internal condensation caused by indoor and outdoor temperature difference of locks and damage to the circuit board components, for improve the performance of the circuit. And, Newgy hotel locks also adopts intelligent coding technology, strong light interference, reduce the power consumption of door lock, thereby reducing change door lock the frequency of the battery.

On a smart card key encryption, Newgy various smart card key to adopt intelligent door locks have physical password authentication function, good security, high reliability electronic key.  Data can be in more than 10 years. All the electronic key in order to improve the secrecy coding in encryption algorithm performance, in addition to using software developed with independent intellectual property right system to make electronic key.   The electronic key is impossible to replicate.  Overcome the mechanical keys can be copied sex is strong, the shortcomings of low safety performance, improve the safety performance of the lock.

In the pre-sale, the engineer for the user introduced all kinds of product performance, structural principle, technical parameters, etc., solve the problems of the users care most about, and customized system solutions for the user. In sale, the ready supply of goods, for the user in a timely manner to complete the installation of the door lock and debugging, staff training and other work, users can be used on time and satisfaction. In after-sales, due to the high quality, high performance Newgy smart door locks, problems of probability is very small, but when there is a problem, as long as the user calls, we will offer you a special service, be exempted from the user's worries.

Smart hotel door lock is one of the image of the hotel. Good smart door lock, the hotel guests to bring comfort and convenience.  This also is Newgy smart door lock is seeking.


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