NEWGY hotel lock software installing and lock setting

NEWGY locks are divided into hotel lock and apartment lock according to different applications. Adopting software management, NEWGY hotel locks are mainly used in hotels and clubs which need to be centralized controlling. With a single chip, every apartment lock is independent and can issue cards on the door directly.

Hotel lock software has the Engineering card,Authorization card and Reader,Engineering card is mainly used for temporary opening of the door when the lock was just installed and packed the batteries( the Engineering Card is invalid if the Authorization Card has already touched the lock). The Reader needs to be connected with the reception desk computer to issue cards. The Authorization card, Time card and Installation card are using for door setting and cannot open the door. The Master card, Building card, Floor card and Guest card can be used to open the door.

Quick operating procedure and instructions:
1. Install the management software of NEWGY intelligent locks.
2. Connect the Reader.
3. Start the lock management software and register.
4. Use the Authorization Card in lock management software.
5. Add related information of building, floor, room number etc.
6. Prepare the Installation Card and Time card for every room on the software.
7. Finish setting by swiping the Authorization Card, corresponding Installation Card and Time card on the hotel lock.
8. Choose corresponding operation for the lock management software, including Guest Card,Master Card,Floor Card,then you can open the door.

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