What is Mifare technology?

Mifare card widely applied to door access control system including hotel lock system, so what is Mifare technology after all?
Mifare technology is a 13.56 MHz contactless technology that is owned by Philips Electronics. They do not make cards or readers, but they make and sell the card and reader chips on the open market. Card and reader manufacturers such as HID use this technology to create unique products for use by end-users.
What is Mifare smart ability? Mifare is often considered to be a smart card technology. This is based on the ability to read and write to the card. In reality, Mifare is simply a memory card (as opposed to a processor card).
What is Mifare originally application? The Mifare contactless smart card and Mifare card reader/writer were originally developed to handle payment transactions for public transportation systems. With a short read-range, MIFARE was uniquely suited to perform increment/decrement functions. Although contact smart cards could also do the job, contactless readers are faster and easier to use, and there is virtually no maintenance on the readers, or wear and tear on the cards.
What is Mifare be used in future? To date, the use of Mifare for contactless access control applications has been limited. This is due to the short read-range when compared to the options available with proximity (125 kHz RFID technology).
What is Mifare read-range? The typical read-range on a Mifare contactless smart card reader is 1.0" to 3.9" (i.e., 2.5 to 10 cm). In North America, due to FCC (power) restrictions, read-range will be on the lower end of the scale.



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